H e l l o  &  W e l c o m e

Whether, you have discovered my website by referral or by chance you have found a confidential place to tell your story and ask for guidance.

I hope my website is of some use to you; as I offer information on resources and myself. For example, I work with Children and Adults, Individuals and Families. And when I work with children, I work very closely with their parents. As you search my site you will learn more about my specialties. If you have any questions or suggestions about the information or my website please contact me.

What you also need to know about me is that I will work very hard for you; if and only if you are ready to work hard for yourself and/or your family. It will be very important for us to develop a mutually respectful and trusting relationship in order for Therapy to work.

Regarding your search

There are many approaches and theories that research has taught us work best for each issue and we will use these theories to guide us. Some examples include Cognitive/Behavioral, Client-Centered, Attachment Theory, Insight Oriented and Solution Focused to name a few. Because of my 25 years of learning, I have knowledge about these examples and many others. However, what I have discovered over time is that my clients seem to learn very quickly what works for them.

You will discover what works for you through our time together; and our work together will be personalized to fit your needs. And what is always at the core of success is our relationship.

When you are comfortable enough to contact me, I offer several ways to access therapeutic help. We can schedule time by phone at (208) 612-2272, internet, webcam or in person.

Please search the additional pages for more information about what our work will be like.


Barbara Robinson, LCSW, MHA
Idaho Falls, ID and E. Wenatchee, WA
(208) 612-2272
Days and Times to be arranged, evenings and Saturdays currently offered


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