National organization with attachment information and lists of appropriate therapists.  
An early intervention program for Children and Parents in Spokane, WA.
Internationally recognized Clinican and trainer of Attachment Therapy. Website describes his model of therapy and lists his books.
The mindsight institute. Information on Mindfullness and Dr. Siegel's books about the brain. Lists of books and audios.
Educational information and service resources for Idaho Families.
A center for social learning and Understanding. Carol Gray has developed social stories and educates on Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Speaker and Author about attachment and truama.
National Association for Play Therapy. Information for parents, clinicians and other professionals. List of Play Therapists.
Idaho Association for Play Therapy.
Washington Association for Play Therapy.
Cascadia Training - Provides training and educational services.

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Barbara Robinson, LCSW, MHA
Idaho Falls, ID and E. Wenatchee, WA
(208) 612-2272
Days and Times to be arranged, evenings and Saturdays currently offered


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